William T. Adler, PhD

Hi! I am a 2019–2020 AAAS Congressional Science and Engineering Fellow, sponsored by the mathematical/statistical societies ASA/ACM/AMS/IMS/MAA/SIAM. My policy interests include voting rights and democracy (gerrymandering, redistricting reform, voting technology); artificial intelligence and machine learning; data science and open data; criminal justice; and the environment.

Previously, I was the Computational Research Specialist at the Princeton Gerrymandering Project. While there, I worked to advance the cause of redistricting reform and wrote a few pieces, including:

I am also the founder of the Scientist Action and Advocacy Network (ScAAN), which partners scientists with organizations that are creating positive social change. ScAAN has worked on policy issues such as juvenile justice reform, environmental justice in New York City, vaccines, and plastic bag fees. I wrote a piece about how other scientists can start similar groups at their institutions:

I did my PhD in neuroscience at NYU with Wei Ji Ma. For my dissertation [pdf], I tested various computational models of human confidence, resulting in these three papers: